Awana e-Learning Courses

These courses are available to all of your Awana leaders as well as any leaders within your church. It is our desire to make these available to Awana clubs to assist them in training and motivating their leaders to better minister to the clubbers in their care. A suggestion might be for you as a commander or director to ask your leaders to complete one course a month. If the leaders do this for the entire year, present them with a special award on awards night for being an approved leader.

You must use Internet Explorer 6.x or greater to effectively view these courses. The interactive features of these courses may not work with other internet browsers. The compatibility of other explorers (Firefox, Netscape, etc.) have not been tested. If you are using a "dial-up" connection, the courses will take approx. 3 min. to load the first page. After that, each additional page will load in a matter of a very few seconds.

Available E-Learning Courses

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5 Steps for a Successful Game Time Does your Game Time contribute to the success of your club? Do you need some ideas on how to build a vibrant and successful Game Time. Learn some ways to make games fun, disciplined, and exciting for your clubbers and keep them coming back week after week. (Good for Game Directors)

10 Things Your Teens Wish You Knew Learn how to minister to your youth better by learning what they are thinking. This class will cover 10 common sense issues with practical helps to help you better relate to your teens. (Good for Trek & Journey Leaders)

10 Things That Will Help You Become an Awesome Awana Leader Come learn 10 things that any Awana leader can do to enhance their ministry and help them become a better Awana Leader. These practical ideas will enable you to more effectively impact kids for Christ in your ministry. (Good for all Leaders)

50 Helps for Handbook Time Learn 50 different tips to help make Handbook Time fun and successful for you and your clubbers. (Good for all leaders)

Awana Store Learn about a great way to motivate your clubber's using the Awana Store. Ideas will be presented on how to organize the store, and items to put into the store. (Good for Sparks - Trek Leaders)

Awana For All Ages Learn how the Awana materials go hand in hand with the age characteristics for each club. (Good for all leaders)

Biblical Leadership Qualities What qualities do we as leaders need to have according to God’s word. Learn how to be an effective, Godly leader. (Good for all leaders)

Building Bridges Learn how to build bridges into your clubbers homes. This is an important technique to know to reach your community for Christ. (Good for all leaders)

Commander/Director Training Learn how to be an effective Commander or Director. This class will explore Leadership, Goals, Planning, and Recruiting. (Good for all leaders)

Developing Student Leaders in Your Awana Ministry Does your youth group help staff your Awana ministry? Are the youth in your church looking for ways to be involved. This class will help you spot potential leaders among your youth and teach you how to set them on a path toward leadership. (Good for all leaders)

Friends Night Learn ways to help your clubbers finish their bring a friend section. This is an important tool to help reach your community for Christ. (Good for Sparks & T&T Leaders)

Incentives to Spark Excitment Learn how contests, theme nights, and special outings can be used to help motivate your clubbers. (Good for Sparks - Trek Leaders)

Leading a Child to Christ Do you struggle in knowing how to lead your clubbers to Christ? Are you not sure on how to speak to children and get them to understand about the good news of Christ's death, burial, and resurrection? In just minutes learn the unforgettable way to present the whole Gospel, give an invitation, and counsel those who respond. (Good for all leaders)

Memorable Council Times Learn how to make your Council Time all that it can be. Ideas for special Council Times will be presented. (Good for Sparks & T&T Leaders)

Memorization Techniques Learn different ways to help your clubbers memorize their verses and remember them. Over 25 different ideas will be presented. (Good for all leaders)

Motivating the Unmotivated Every club has clubbers that are difficult to motivate. Learn some great techniques to help motivate the unmotivated clubber as well as learning why these clubbers need to be motivated to achieve in Awana. (Good for all leaders)

What to Do After Sections are Done Are your clubbers bouncing off the wall in Handbook Time after they say their sections? Learn some great ideas to keep them engaged throughout Handbook Time.(Good for all leaders)