Helpful Websites

Below you will find some links that have been useful for others.

Awana Clubs International (www.awana.org)
Everything you always wanted to know about Awana!

Awana discussion forums (www2.awana.org/cs/forums)
Got a question that needs answering - ask other Awana leaders.

Awana resources for parents (www.awana.org/parents/default.aspx)
Awana isn't just for kids!

Awana Annual Reports (http://awana.org/pressroom/annual-report,default,pg.html)
Take a look at all God has done through Awana this past year in the annual report.

Awana Resources & Tools (ART) (http://www3.awana.org/leaderportalwelcome/)
Designed especially for Awana commanders and leaders, ART gives you access to the tools, creative materials, ideas, instruction and inspiration you’ve come to expect from Awana. Items included are things such as: clip art, tips, new event information, newsletters, blogs, forums and training materials to help you successfully run your club.

While we make every effort to protect our viewing audience, we cannot be held responsible for the content of any links outside our web site. These links represent organizations and individuals who have similar ministry interests to Awana. They have not necessarily been found to be in complete agreement with the Awana Doctrinal Statement.

Awana Grand Prix Resources (www.grandprix-race-central.com)
A site with many different resources for the Awana Grand Prix. (planning ideas, links, documents, product reviews, etc.)

Bible Quiz computer game (www.quizzinggame.com)
A Bible quizzing Game on CD-ROM that is an excellent resource to help prepare your clubbers for quizzing or to help them review their handbooks.

Bible Quiz game online (www.2timothy215.net)
A site to download or play online a Bible Quizzing game that will help prepare your T&T clubbers for Bible Quizzing.

Child Evangelism Fellowship (www.cefonline.com)
This site is packed with great resources and a way to buy their supplies.

Commander Bill (www.commanderbill.net)
A site with many different resources for the Awana Commander and Leaders. Includes study guides, forums, and resources for all age groups.

Electra Tarp (www.electratarp.com/awana_game_floors.php)
Electra Tarp in Canton, OH is a family owned tarpaulin manufacturer which has a custom line of Awana game circles. These removable Awana game floors are manufactured using durable reinforced vinyl with a professionally painted Awana game circle.